Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Nature Walk

So we went on a a 5 mile hike yesterday. It was 67 degrees here and so gorgeous! It was a gorgeous little hike and we saw all sorts of fun things. The earth is starting to wake up so it was so fun to see everything beginning to bloom and see colors starting to come out. We saw a little lake, 4 bald eagles, a porcupine, ducks, and all sorts of sweet spring birds. It was so refreshing and enjoyable to get some fresh air, and sunshine and enjoy the beauties of the earth, it made us grateful for the creation.

St. Patrick's day

We had a wonderful and green filled St. Patrick's day. I made green french toast with green syrup for breakfast, I went to a lovely Relief Society luncheon, we went shooting with some friends, had a green dinner, and of course topped the night off by watching our favorite St. Patrick's day movie " Darby O' Gill and the Little People".

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

We had the funnest Dr. Seuss day. I made these cookies that I had found on pinterest they turned out to be a blast. We had our dear friends Cameron and Casi join us for a green eggs and ham dinner. Then to top the night off we went to the movie the Lorax which is one of my favorite stories, so we were really excited to see the movie! It was pretty cute! We went to this old little movie theatre called the Roxy outside of town. So cozy.  It was a perfect day to help celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. I think he was such a brilliant author and I'm grateful for the inspiration he gives me.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Day of Love

Valentines was so wonderful this year. As students we were busy with class and with homework but we still found time to celebrate! I made Josh red velvet pancakes for breakfast (a new Anderson tradition on valentines) then we had class all day but  we celebrated that night by making a heart shaped pizza, ( with heart shaped pepperoni) and we watched the newest twilight which we hadn't seen. Josh bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and I felt so loved by him.Thanks to pinterest I found some fun printables and made a little basket of treats for him. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I love Josh with all my heart and am so grateful for the righteous, kind, and thoughtful husband that he is. I am truly blessed.  This year one of my professors began class with a devotional which was on Valentines and challenged us to think of our Savior's love for us. To look past the material things of the holiday and think of the love, compassion and sacrifice that our Savior Jesus Christ gives to us. We studied the account in 3 Nephi ch 17 when the Savior comes to the Nephites and blesses them, prays for them, and spends time with them. I am so grateful for our Savior's love and his atoning sacrifice. I felt of that love this year on Valentines day. I know that he knows us individually and loves us. I am so grateful for my Brother and Savior Jesus Christ.
Our red-ish Velvet pancakes

The little goodie box that I made Josh

The beautiful flowers Josh got me. I Loved them!

Our heart shaped pizza

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Holidays

So its been forever since I have blogged. Time to catch up since so much has happened. Loved the holidays. We spent Thanksgiving in Boise with our family there! It was so much fun to be with everyone. We played lots of card games and played basketball at the gym which was a blast! I finished up my job at Achieve Physical Therapy. I have loved my time there and was sad to leave. I had wonderful co-workers and the patients were so sweet. I will miss working there for sure! Then we headed to Spokane to spend Christmas with our family there. It was so wonderful to be together with them. All in all the holidays were perfect but time always goes too quick! After Christmas we packed up our life and moved to Rexburg! We are here to stay til we finish school. We will both be attending classes beginning Jan 4th and we are so excited! We have an amazing apartment that we love and the weather is not too bad yet either. We are so grateful to be back! Life is good.
                                                  Thanksgiving with half of the Andersons
                                                    Christmas with the Tenney's
                                                   Our little family on Christmas Day
                                         A smooch to start out the new year right!
                                       Happy New Year 2012! Its gonna be a good one.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

October 30 Anniversary

Josh and I also celebrated our very first wedding anniversary this past weekend. Its been a year of pure bliss together. We love each other so much and have so enjoyed this year getting to know and love one another more. We have had so many memories and fun experiences and look forward to many years ahead together. Happy Anniversary to us.


                our fireplace with a cozy october fire aglow and our sugar cookies from earlier in the month.
                                           Katie the skunk and josh the white trash hunter

                                                                  my first apple pies
                                                                      our pumpkins

So as you all know- Halloween is my favorite time of year( well tied with christmas)! I love the fall leaves, I love the cozy feeling in the air. I love making soup, i love caramel apples, i love the smell of fresh grape juice throughout our house as we have been canning it, love that the word SPOOKY becomes a part of my regular vocabulary. i love listening to thriller, and I LOVE the movie Hocus Pocus! We watched it several times this year as always- a big thanks goes out to Rachel Clark for sending it to me, and we added a few new favorite movies to the mix this year as well. It was such a cozy month! We went to my sister Amy's house for the holiday weekend. We called it the HALLO-WEEKEND. She made it so fun. We went to her ward party, we baked hoot owl and sugar cookies with Kim Powelson and Mccartney, we went to the funnest pumpkin patch ever here we played with the apple sling, had pumpkin doughnuts, went through corn mazes, picked out pumpkins, walked through the apple orchards and enjoyed the beautifully sunny day. It was a wonderful. We had such a fun weekend with family.  Josh and I had so much fun getting dressed up for our first Halloween together!