Thursday, November 3, 2011


                our fireplace with a cozy october fire aglow and our sugar cookies from earlier in the month.
                                           Katie the skunk and josh the white trash hunter

                                                                  my first apple pies
                                                                      our pumpkins

So as you all know- Halloween is my favorite time of year( well tied with christmas)! I love the fall leaves, I love the cozy feeling in the air. I love making soup, i love caramel apples, i love the smell of fresh grape juice throughout our house as we have been canning it, love that the word SPOOKY becomes a part of my regular vocabulary. i love listening to thriller, and I LOVE the movie Hocus Pocus! We watched it several times this year as always- a big thanks goes out to Rachel Clark for sending it to me, and we added a few new favorite movies to the mix this year as well. It was such a cozy month! We went to my sister Amy's house for the holiday weekend. We called it the HALLO-WEEKEND. She made it so fun. We went to her ward party, we baked hoot owl and sugar cookies with Kim Powelson and Mccartney, we went to the funnest pumpkin patch ever here we played with the apple sling, had pumpkin doughnuts, went through corn mazes, picked out pumpkins, walked through the apple orchards and enjoyed the beautifully sunny day. It was a wonderful. We had such a fun weekend with family.  Josh and I had so much fun getting dressed up for our first Halloween together!


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