Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Holidays

So its been forever since I have blogged. Time to catch up since so much has happened. Loved the holidays. We spent Thanksgiving in Boise with our family there! It was so much fun to be with everyone. We played lots of card games and played basketball at the gym which was a blast! I finished up my job at Achieve Physical Therapy. I have loved my time there and was sad to leave. I had wonderful co-workers and the patients were so sweet. I will miss working there for sure! Then we headed to Spokane to spend Christmas with our family there. It was so wonderful to be together with them. All in all the holidays were perfect but time always goes too quick! After Christmas we packed up our life and moved to Rexburg! We are here to stay til we finish school. We will both be attending classes beginning Jan 4th and we are so excited! We have an amazing apartment that we love and the weather is not too bad yet either. We are so grateful to be back! Life is good.
                                                  Thanksgiving with half of the Andersons
                                                    Christmas with the Tenney's
                                                   Our little family on Christmas Day
                                         A smooch to start out the new year right!
                                       Happy New Year 2012! Its gonna be a good one.


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