Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Boise Zoo

Last weekend Josh was sweet enough to take me to the zoo. Its one of my favorite things in life. I love going to the zoo. He was such a good sport too. We had a fun time laughing and looking at all the beautiful animals.
This Lion was so beautiful. I love the his powerful yet calm nature in this picture. He's got great volume in his mane too.
Giraffes are anouther favorite of mine. Love to watch them move. Love the patterns and colors on them. So gorgeous.
 Zebras are my all time favorite zoo animal. They are the most beautiful of all. This guy was pretty sad. Made me sad that he had to be caged up. But loved looking at him.
This guy was hilarious. Cracked us up. 
The funny guys. Hyenas were so sleepy but we couldn't believe how big they were.
           We went on the wallaby walkabout so we were really close to the wallabys and one had a joey in her pouch. So cute

                               Thought this lioness was just gorgeous. Such a fun day at the zoo.


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